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What we do 

I have always loved fashion, beauty, and a great deal. I know I am not the only one, so I figured that I would help others find great deals (since I am always looking). Here at Tricia is trendy I show you the best deals on the items we all really want. From Nordstrom to Urban Decay and everything in between I find the best deals in women fashion and beauty so that we can all get the items we want and not break the bank. I also review both beauty and fashion items. I must warn you I am not a professional makeup artist, stylist, or writer I am just a woman who likes what I like. So before you shop make sure you check out Tricia is trendy for the best deals in fashion and beauty.

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We searched our favorite online retailers to find you the best deals in women's fashion. Let us do the hard work for you. Check out our fashion section to find the latest in women's fashion on sale.



From handbags and heels to sunglasses and scarves I got you covered. We have searched all over to make sure that you get the best deals on your accessories. 

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We are beauty addicts so finding the best deals in beauty was a must. From Urban Decay to Too Faced we searched all over the web for the best deals on the beauty items you love. 


About Us


Welcome to Tricia is Trendy, my outlet for all things I am passionate about. I am very passionate about saving, shopping and stacking my coins! If you haven’t guessed I am Tricia and I would like to think that I am pretty trendy. Not only fashionable but always up to date on what is going on including the latest deals. I am a firm believer that you can get a better deal.

Aside from being a wife and mom I also work full time. Since I am spending 40 or more hour a week to make money I want to make sure that when I spend it I am getting a good deal on the items I want.

For the past 2 years, I have spent several hours on Google searching for the perfect website to help me save money. To my surprise, I found several websites and apps (needless to say I need more space on my phone). Some sites helped me find deals on the perfect outfit and others helped me save on toilet paper (don’t judge me a deal is a deal.). I, like most of you, would like to save on the items and brands that I really want.  Although saving on toilet paper is great I am more interested in how I can get the Sam Edelman boots that I have been staring at everyday for a month at a better price.  So that is why I started Tricia is trendy. I want you to have that Tory Burch bag just at a good price.

Now I couldn't do this alone so thankfully I have an amazing team of people to help me bring you the latest deals and keep you updated on what is on sale right now.  We are all very friendly so if you have a suggestion feel free to reach out. I hope you all join us in this adventure of shopping and saving on everything from Target to Tory Burch!

Xoxo Trendy Tricia


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